Who is amit sadh dating

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Who is amit sadh dating

And the moment we walked in, we saw the boys having a good time and realised that their onscreen bonding and chemistry carried on into real life. Sushant and Amit, you two are making your debut and looks like you are paired with Raj Kumar Yadav. So when we sat down to chat, there was not a dull moment….. Amit Sadh: We actually met for the first time when we were giving our screen tests. The film is about the chemistry between these three guys, so there was no competition. Neeru Bajwa Relationship Ex Boyfriend List Interesting Facts Dating Pictures is available here.

Neeru Bajwa Professional Career: Her very first single was “Guru Nanak Dev Ji” which was released in June 2014. As he (Amit) rightly said…which was my line actually! Sushant: What I wanted to say was that even if I don’t have any films next year after these three, I would be excited. Very few actors have managed to make a successful transition from TV to movies. So I can stand in a crowd in the frame of a director like Raj Kumar Hirani and still be a proud actor. In my first film () I am working with two other actors, in Maneesh Sharma’s movie I am opposite two heroines and in my third, I am working with two lead actors. If you are capable enough people will accept you, because you can convince them in any medium. Raj: There are many things that have been retained but, yes, we have changed quite a bit of it, because writing a book and making a film are two different things. From an actor’s perspective, there is no difference.

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Then she acted in the play Astitva…Ek Prem Kahani on Zee TV followed by Jeet on Star Plus and then Guns and Roses on Star One.