Vintage clothing dating research

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These shops were different from the previous antique shops because they sold daily life objects from the recent past.For example, psychedelic typefaces were developed gaining inspiration from Art Nouveau and other cultures.The terms "retro fashion" and "vintage fashion" are sometimes used interchangeably and therefore can cause confusion as to what is really meant.In this case ‘retro’ indicates a value and that is also partly why today’s retailers produce new objects in an old style.In graphic design too, long before the use of the word ‘retro’, referencing to earlier graphic characteristics was done. book design he adopted Medieval production and stylistic models in 1891.

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Before the word ‘retro’ came into use in the 1970s, the practise of adopting old styles for new designs was already common.

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  1. To determine the age of material, researchers compare the ratio of the parent and daughter products that were initially in the sample with the ratio of these products at the current time.