Updating bsd system

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Updating bsd system

Much inspired by Free BSD's classic mergemaster(8), this program is, as we shall see by executing the following commands, actually a shell script that makes extensive use of sdiff(1) to highlight the differences between your installed version of a configuration file and the one from the source tree or your install sets, and offers to merge (hence the name) your current customizations into the newer version files and install them on the spot if you like.

Do take a peek with at what the script does: possibly complemented by looking up the sdiff(1) man page if you want. If you run regular upgrades like I tend to, with snapshots only days or at most a few weeks apart, the differences sysmerge(8) detects are likely few and trivial (but a word of caution: it usually pays to check the Following -current page from time to time).

Keeping your Open BSD systems in trim is dead easy.

ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/packages/Net BSD/i386/5.1/All/). For example, to update any missing packages by using binary packages: If both -b and -P are given, no pkgsrc tree is used.If you do longer jumps, such as between releases, you will almost certainly find more differences, and in rare cases the changes in the configuration file baselines will be large enough that you will need to take some time out to edit the files by hand.In those cases, studying the upgrade notes relevant to your versions (and all intermediate ones if you do a long jump -- go to and choose the Upgrade Guide link at the top of the left column) will be well worth your time.Watch the system boot, and if you look closely, you will notice that on first boot the updated sysmerge(8) program runs and does the obvious things that do not require manual intervention, and if there are non-obvious things left, a message and an email to root alerts you of the need to do a manual sysmerge(8) run.I tend to do a sysmerge run anyway after upgrade, if only to see it complete silently: as was the procedure in previous releases will not do any good).

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During the relatively short time when snapshots identify as the release but actual -release packages are not yet available (as in the recent 6.1 release cycle) you may have to adjust the pkg_add command to include to remove packages that were installed as dependencies (mainly libraries) but are no longer needed.

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