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Telegraph dating sign in

As of 1895, France still operated coastal commercial semaphore telegraph stations, for ship-to-shore communication.The first suggestion for using electricity as a means of communication appeared in the "Scots Magazine" in 1753.However, they were highly dependent on good weather and daylight to work and even then could accommodate only about two words per minute.The last commercial semaphore link ceased operation in Sweden in 1880.A cablegram was a message sent by a submarine telegraph cable, often shortened to a cable or a wire.Later, a Telex was a message sent by a Telex network, a switched network of teleprinters similar to a telephone network.

The word "telegraph" alone now generally refers to an electrical telegraph.

One very early experiment in electrical telegraphy was an electrochemical telegraph created by the German physician, anatomist, and inventor Samuel Thomas von Sömmering in 1809, based on an earlier, less robust design of 1804 by Spanish polymath and scientist Francisco Salva Campillo.

Both their designs employed multiple wires (up to 35) in order to visually represent most Latin letters and numerals.

Commercial electrical telegraphs were introduced from 1837.

The first telegraphs came in the form of optical telegraph, including the use of smoke signals, beacons, or reflected light, which have existed since ancient times.

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Telegraphy requires that the method used for encoding the message be known to both sender and receiver.

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