Sexy chat симулятор game

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Sexy chat симулятор game

When the player starts up the game after doing this, Fun Girl will appear and tell the player that they can no longer add Osana. If the player deletes the file, or edits the JSON file while the game is running and then restarts the day to apply changes, Yandere-chan will be taken to a version of the game with a low school atmosphere, no students and with Fun Girl chasing her.

When Fun Girl catches Yandere-chan, the game will crash.

The game is currently under development, and a free debug sandbox build is available from the developer's official blog and website.

The protagonist of the game is a high school student known as Yandere-chan who has fallen in love with an upperclassman known as Senpai.

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A text that depends on the number entered will appear slowly on the screen.

Of course, if you want to edit a page, you can visit the page and press the "Edit" button on the top left of the page.

Click around to pick-up the right object which make Wendy horny. When she comes, quickly put away all the naughty stuffs.

It will still be a black void, but only the text "BUT NOBODY CAME" will appear before the game crashes. Any value after the 2/15/16 Build: BUT NOBODY CAME.

In a file named 'Level13', all of her responses can be seen. As of the January 3rd, 2017 Build, changing values in the folder won't do anything.

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As of the August 7th, 2017 Build, she can be found in-game by attempting to add Osana Najimi via the JSON file. はじめまして。 私たちは一緒に多くの楽しみを持ってしようとしています。 This roughly translates to: "My, my... A backwards message is also heard throughout the video and when backmasked, it plays a voiced version of the Japanese text from Fun girl's Yandere Simulator website information.

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