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Spy Cam uses your Mac’s built-in camera and microphone, or an external camera and microphone, to take video clips of whatever it is pointed at – your desk, your front door, a filing cabinet, the refrigerator, or anything else you want to monitor, including who is using your Mac when you are not there.

By linking Spy Cam to your Dropbox account, it automatically saves the clips to your Dropbox file as they are shot, so you can view them from wherever you are – downstairs, across town, or on the other side of the world.

Simply connect the camera to your PC via the provided USB cable to playback video.

Helpful Hint: Before you record one time events, it is always a good idea to make a trail recording.

The rotating bracket is excellent for placing the camera in a fixed position such as a vehicle.

Metal housing makes this a rugged camera with a sleek appearance.

An excellently engineered product, it offers quality, rugged and extraordinarily user friendly design.This unit's ultra compact size makes it easily concealable and excellent for body worn applications.Included accessories such as the pocket clip are ideal for police officers, private investigators, security guards, or anyone with the need to capture video on the go. Covertly record clips and sound from your Mac’s camera, or an external camera, and upload them to view remotely. Spy Cam is easy to use, and is a ranked #1 top paid utilities app in the US, UK, Canada, France, Italia, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Russia, Japan and China!!! Spy Cam is the easy to use app that turns your Mac into a stealth surveillance system. And now you can record and store video clips like a KGB or CIA agent.

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