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School bullying is not a new phenomenon, but the ability for online bullies to follow victims into their own bedrooms is.While traditional bullying relies on an imbalance of power created by physical intimidation or verbal harassment, the danger of cyberbullying comes from an imbalance of power surrounding technological fluency and/or the ability for bullies to remain anonymous.As a result, CIPA’s implications have changed for educators relying on rapidly evolving technology to teach and communicate with students.

The following steps are considered by many experts to be best practices to develop an effective program against cyberbullying: Further, consistent but relatively minor consequences are more effective against cyberbullying than zero-tolerance policies with severe and inconsistent consequences.Parents and educators can use tools to filter inappropriate content from kids’ laptops, to prevent them from accidentally or intentionally accessing websites that could be harmful.Teaching students to not disclose personal or private information online (such as pictures, videos, and their address or phone number) can dramatically reduce the risk of cyberbullying, sexual solicitation, and identity theft.Children tend to view their lives online and offline as one and the same, whereas adults tend to view them as separate spheres.Having spent the majority of their life interacting with technology, children have an inherent advantage when it comes to navigating the Internet.

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The trauma is often relived every time a victim re-reads a harassing post or message and follows students home where they once felt safe from harassment.