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"For personal reasons, he could not commit to the entire series.

We didn't want to just bring somebody in for a few weeks and then drop them.

And if last month’s draft showed us anything, with Mitchell Trubisky going No. 10 to the Chiefs, NFL teams always gamble on tools. What he heard convinced him one more year of college was the best course.

Despite the ever-present risk of injury, this is an intelligent young man making a smart decision.

I felt it was really best for me to go back, get another year of experience and see some more defense.

Be completely ready when you do make that jump.” Had Allen made the jump, he’d already be at an NFL rookie camp.

According to authorities, Allen was previously convicted of a misdemeanor count of willfully injuring the unnamed woman in January, which led to a protective order to be issued, prohibiting him from communicating with his girlfriend.

On April 13, Allen is alleged to have assaulted and strangled the same woman.

“That stuff comes with the territory, I guess you can say,” Allen said.“Just to be able to experience another year of college, to be able to turn 21 and go out with my friends and do all that stuff before I get to an NFL team when everything’s spotlighted and magnified, every camera’s on you every time you go out.“I’m just trying to stay low key, and ultimately the NFL’s going to be there next year and the year after that. Once you make that decision to leave, there’s no coming back.” Allen’s rise from small-town high school unknown to sure-fire first-rounder – perhaps even No. I’ve already chronicled how he was ignored by Fresno State, the college he grew up rooting for, and just about every other FBS program. What matters now is enjoying the present, his last few months of being a kid, before the adult responsibilities of his chosen profession take over.“Ultimately the guys said, ‘You’re 20 years old stepping into a locker room full of 30- to 35-year-old dudes. They’ve got families, and if you’re not on top of your game mentally you’re going to hurt them, and they don’t take lightly to that,’ ” Allen said.“I didn’t want all that pressure on me right away, especially playing only 14 games (in college).

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According to prosecutors, approximately two months later, on June 19, while facing prosecution for the alleged April incident, Allen reportedly attacked the same victim and chased her into a coffee shop.