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They say little about how things almost turned out quite differently for him. And then my brother filed for the opportunity to be my guardian … Hispanic chamber president Javier Palomarez in his office - him with Warren Buffet, him on a friend’s yacht - speak volumes of his success. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, was 15 when he was pulled out of class by the principal at his Edinburg, Texas, high school and was told his mother had a heart attack and died.“In a very sudden and tumultuous fashion I didn’t have a parent,” Palomarez said. “The options were I would become adopted and become a ward of the state.While the overall number of small businesses in the U. has declined in the last decade, Hispanic-owned businesses have doubled in size, Palomarez said.“In the last five years, 581,000 Hispanic firms were created.If you remove the impact of those 581,000 firms you would see the economic recovery would have been much more difficult, and unfortunately our community never gets credit for that,” Palomarez said.

John Cornyn, a Texas Republican who serves as assistant majority whip in the Senate, and a number of Hispanic business leaders and owners.The occasion marks five years at the helm of the chamber for Palomarez who took over as president and CEO when the USHCC was in debt, had “lost its luster” and was about to disappear.“I was told we had 32 days of life left.We came within a month of this organization being shut down forever, and you’d never hear about the USHCC again,” Palomarez said.The chamber also advocates on behalf of 249 major American corporations who are its supporting partners, he said.“All too often, sadly, we are cast as maybe not as well-to-do as others, not as educated, not as much of the mainstream,” Palomarez said.But there's more to the story of Latinos, he argues.

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Fast forward years later, and Palomarez had graduated with degrees in finance and sales and marketing from what has become the University of Texas-Pan American. in Chicago where he started in operations; during his 13-year career he moved on to marketing and sales, where he was integral to the company's Hispanic marketing. His mother, originally from Matamoros, Mexico, had been a silent example, someone who "had all the breeding, all the education, all of the elegance that you could possibly imagine, but was handed a set of circumstances." She taught him "always up, eyes forward, moving forward" and that with will and hard work a person can power through anything, he said.