Is granny dating safe One on one random chat with woman

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Is granny dating safe

With that Mary grinned, pushed her tummy against me, wiggled her body feeling my now stiffy gone to a hard-on and continued kissing me. "Well" said Mary "there are 'old grannies and old grannies', you've stirred up naughty felling's in this 'old granny' I'm pleased to say". Taking the initiative I ran my hands to her bottom and pulled her into my hard-on and caressed her bottom. Mary ran her hands down my back to my bottom and pulled my groin into her. Just like that" The moaning grew more intense with Pete, slowly sliding his cock into her pussy. With that I took it as an invitation to carry on the caressing. Running my hands over her bottom and tentatively and hopefully discreetly raised her dress. Mary broke our kiss and said "I like" and continued kissing.Afterwards, he met this woman up close and was impressed with what he saw. She finished up drying her blonde hair, wearing a short dark, lace robe, showing off a nice pair of shapely legs. I try my best." Both of them had a laugh, but throughout the conversation Pete was distracted by Rita's smooth legs the entire time. Over the kitchen table be okay for the first time Darling". Mary put her knickers on the table and leaned over it, after kicking my pants off.Pete never thought his friend would involve himself with older women. He had that sudden urge to reach out and touch one of them at least, just to find out how smooth they are. I stood behind her, lifted her dress and for the first time saw her bottom.

Slapping her bum again I eased my hand into the top of her knickers then then with my other hand released her dress and put my other hand into the top of her knickers. Knowing Mary was about to climax but didn't know what it entailed I could only carry on doing what I know was pleasing her.

Mary broke away and whispering in my ear "You wont receive a written invitation" and "hope your hands are warm". I manoeuvred my right hand around the inside of Mary's knickers, Mary eased away from me so I had access to the front of her knickers. "Brian I feel like a wonton teenager", with my finger I searched more until Mary's clitoris was on my finger.

Pete wasn't the least bit worried about the bed collapsing. Not moving and waiting for a rejection, which never came I thought 'should I'.

"Well here's a fiver, it'll be our secret", and Mary put her purse back in her hand bag on the floor. Then with a twinkle in her eye said "Would you like me to bend over again? Mary turned, bent down over her hand bag again staying longer "Is that better" gently lifting her dress showing more of her thighs. "It'll cost you making an old granny bend over like this" Mary said. As Mary approached me she noticed the stiffy in my trousers and smiled. Mary took my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips, just a peck. As we kissed our lips automatically opened as Granny Mary moved her hands over my back.

" "That's too much, normally your daughter gives me a couple of quid" I said. "If you can keep a screet you can kiss me, if you don't mind kissing old grannies". "But nothing Brian", Mary approached me, "don't want to know if its your first time or you've been bending my daughter over this table top every week, just kiss me". My mind was racing but excited because I'd never kissed such an old lady like this before and I was liking it.

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We held on to each other, Mary sobbed and I was elated as it was the first time I'd ever done it.

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