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Boy Blue tells him that while he can return to the living world, it would be a daunting task.

Afterwards, Beauty feels that there was something magical about this sex. The child is born premature, but there are no apparent complications.During the war against the Empire, as depicted in the "War and Pieces" arc, Beast remains in Fabletown, commanding the troops stationed there in case of a retaliatory assault by the Empire.According to the answers given in the "Burning Questions" issue, the couple ask Frau Totenkinder what it is she is always knitting.Due to Snow White's possession of a lycanthropy-stained knife, he is now a werewolf and can change between wolf form, human form and an intermediate "wolfman" stage at will (in "The Great Fables Crossover", it is revealed that Bigby's nature as one of the North Wind's sons allows him to change forms at will).He is the son of the North Wind, and, as such, has control over the lower-tier winds, plus the "huff and puff" of legend.

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Early in her tenure, Prince Charming tries to seduce her, but she rebuffs him, threatening to send her husband after him if he tries again.

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