Chatman pokey sexual

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Chatman pokey sexual

Somehow within this convoluted splatter, a holograph named the Pokey Chatman Incident is produced; she and it are the perfect microcosmic image of what our sporting world represents as a whole.—————————– Pokey Chatman was the head coach of Louisiana State’s women’s basketball team.So what is the difference between these examples and Chatman’s situation?Could the decision to have Chatman resign be a reaction to what the LSU faithful may think about supporting an openly lesbian head coach in the conservative – publicly, at least – Catholic state of Louisiana?

Finally today a report by Wright Thompson of named assistant coach Carla Berry as the person who, in February of this year, reported the alleged incident to LSU university officials.It needs asserting that since Berry was a close confidante of Chatman’s, Berry apparently knew of Chatman’s relationship well before she alerted school officials.Berry’s closeness to Chatman through the years could not have gone unnoticed by the athletic department (school officials, after determining that the incident dealt with a former player, informed the athletic department). How long did Berry know of this relationship, particularly since she is described as “a longtime friend and colleague” of Chatman’s?When Berry did tell school officials of this relationship with a former player, why was Chatman not allowed to be in contact with any of her current players?With Berry’s potential foreknowledge, why was she not also banned immediately from contact with the current players?

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In her three-year tenure with LSU her teams amassed an astonishing 90-14 record, including 47-3 after her first 50 games, the second-best record after 50 games for a head coach in women’s basketball history.

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