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Candidating week

8.4.0 provides stable, production-ready releases for several modules that were previously experimental, including Workflows, Datetime Range, Layout Discovery, Media, and Inline Form Errors.

The release also includes several critical bug fixes and many other improvements for REST, content moderation, authoring experience, performance, and automated testing.

James will deliver the sermon on Sunday, May 8, he will meet with various committees, congregants, staff, and Church Council during the week, and he will deliver another sermon the following Sunday, May 15.

After that last service, the membership will vote on whether or not to ratify the choice of the Search Committee and thereby accept James as our new minister.

This is also the final bug fix release window for 8.3.x (meaning 8.3.x will not receive further development or support aside from its final security release window on September 20).

Drupal 8 sites should plan to update to Drupal 8.4.0 on October 4.

Following statements by each candidate, questions from the audience will be invited.

By most accounts, the young and articulate Michael Sterling has chosen to withdraw from the crowded race of hopefuls as the 60th mayor of Atlanta.“We’ve campaigned all over this city, participated in some 20 or 30 forums, knocked on doors, made phone calls, and we’ve raised money trying to take our message out to Atlanta,” said Sterling.

8.5.x will remain open for new development during the 8.4.x release candidate phase.This year, the Rossi Award for Creative and Responsive Leadership will be presented to Cambridge Area Stronger Together (CAST), the Cambridge Public Library- Our Path Forward initiative, Indivisible Cambridge, MIT Day of Action and The Resistance School.These initiatives have activated local efforts to work for a meaningful and inclusive social justice agenda.The release candidate phase for the 8.4.0 minor release begins the week of September 4.Starting that week, the 8.4.x branch will be subject to patch release restrictions.

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]The eight-day Candidating Week is taking place from May 7 through 15.